And so it begins…

14 Jul

My first official wedding day layout!  Like I mentioned on facebook:  WEDDING PHOTOS = the scrapbooking Olympics I’ve been training 8 years for!

*sidenote: did anyone hear about the knitting group that dubbed their annual get-together as the Knitting Olympics or something and the real Olympics people got mad and said it was disgraceful/mocking????  Did I read that whole thing incorrectly?  What is the world coming to?  Maybe they’ll come after me since I jokingly compared scrapbooking to their beloved institution.  Good riddance!)*

Like I mentioned last post, I fully embraced the clustered embellishment.  Surely my “less is more”-style mom will not adapt to this technique anytime soon, but she will definitely not be surprised.  *Hi, Mom!*

This layout sort-of found me by way of the quote at the bottom.  I thought I would not know where to start with my first huge fresh stack of wedding photos, but as I was flipping thru quotes I came across that one.  I have always loved it, it is the true representation of our relationship style (if thats even a thing…), and the photo is a literal translation.  For me, it doesn’t get any better!

My Minds Eye, Fancy Pants Design, Crate Paper, Stampin’ Up! (Amy, did you see it!  …n/m the sloppy 2-layered stamping…), Authentique, Echo Park, Maya Road, Bella Blvd, Pink Paislee, American Crafts, Lily Bee Studios.

I won’t even tell you how long this took me.  But I finally found photos “fancy enough” for super-glittery MME paper!

MORE to come.



Why I don’t purge…

14 Jul

This beachy layout is a PERFECT example of why I don’t purge.  Clearly, I should not be adding to the stash as much as I do, but I told myself I needed to use more of what I have and that is exactly what I’ve done.  I’ve been reading about other people’s strategies/supply organization and a lot of them are saying the secret is to purge regularly.  Good for them.  I get stressed out when I don’t have options (it doesn’t matter to me if the options are still in the bag or from 5 years ago…sometimes those two go hand in hand at my house, but thats another story).  This is the same reason I don’t pay attention to the idea of being “caught up”.  Ack!  If I’m caught up, that means I can’t sit down and sift thru my photos and choose what I want to work on.  I can’t make myself scrap just anything, I have to be excited about it, or its going to turn out like crap and I won’t like it anyway.  Thats just what I’ve learned about myself…  Enough ranting, here is the layout.  🙂

The only “new” supplies I used on this are found in the twine (Doodlebug: Ladybug) and the little summer definition stamp at the bottom from Dear Lizzy.  I was most proud of the Florida stickers.  It was a little tear-off sheet that I probably bought at the beginning of my scrapbook adventure and I never used them…BECAUSE THEY’RE UGLY.  Its the Florida sticker and the little pink conch shell.  I believe there was also an alligator on the sheet with the flag or something.  Obviously I thought they were worth it at the time.  I don’t know why, because the “retro” stuff didn’t come out until sort of recently… Either way, they found the perfect home on this minty paper!  I love everything about this project.  I’m not intentionally tooting my own horn (who proclaims publicly they like their own stuff??) but I’ve been loving the collage-y look and I never knew how to do it.  I’m dipping my toe in the water…

See next post to witness my complete cannonball-style jump into the collage-y look.


Tapes on a Plane…

4 Jul

I couldn’t help myself, I had to put together a minibook kit for my honeymoon.  Never mind that I don’t like minibooks (I have storage issues) and I’m a procrastinator and I had just finished planning/executing a wedding when I put this all together…

Surprisingly, I did everything ahead of time in order to bring the least amount of supplies (no-brainer).  That part worked out well.  I just didn’t do it far enough ahead of time to make it non-stressful.  Here is what it contained:

I used an Amy Tangerine Daybook, and I can’t say enough good things about it.  Its random, its fun, its colorful, and its the perfect size.  One of the things I did ahead was get out my Lawn Fawn stamps to customize it a little bit.  I stamped lovey sentiments, anything camera/photo-related, anything that could be Florida-related like the flamingo from Gnome Sweet Gnome, and I used Quinn’s ABCs to stamp “Florida” in the book, one letter per page.  I’m telling you, the random-ness of the book really inspired me to stuff it full of everything.  I wanted it to be like my old-school scrapbooks that I had in middle school that were plastered with certificates and ticket stubs.

The rest of the prep was packing little bits and making everything portable.  I can’t scrap without punches, so to compromise I punched the edges of papers I had pulled, punched shapes, and packed everything in little glassine bags (conveniently left over from the giant wholesale box I had purchased for the wedding).  I threw in sequins, twine, feathers (?I never use feathers, but Elizabeth Kartchner was one of my kit inspirations so I ran with it? She is the master of creative homemade kits.), Studio Calico wood veneer, and tapes.  I threw in my Dear Lizzy date stamper and ONE ink pad.  Let me tell you, the decision alone about which color to choose took me a half hour.

*Sidenote: even if you don’t plan on ever scrapbooking while on a trip, I suggest journaling cards (in particular, the Smash cards).  I carried around the little pad in my purse and if we had a long wait somewhere or I was bored at the beach, I could scribble things down.  It was a good way to document and to trick myself into thinking I was actually scrapbooking.

I packed colored pencils as well to color in the Lawn Fawn images if I felt like it…because I will forever be a 5 year old who loves to color.  And I’m not ashamed of it (my husband might be, but thats another story.)

What I’m sure you’re all dying to know is whether or not I actually scrapped on my trip…and here is what happened:

-I scrapped on the plane heading to my destination.  (We’re talking full-out scrapping my boarding pass and coloring airplanes while on an airplane with my flip-down tray.  I loved it.  Husband was not impressed.  Ask me if I care.)

-I staked out all the nearest Targets with 1-hour photo processing (they’re the best for printing straight from a cell phone).

-I made 3 trips to print mini photos (hey, come on we had to get groceries and other “legit” things too…)

-I spent one night in front of the tv on a crappy weather evening cutting down the retail tags, tickets, and packaging that I salvaged.

-Then we went home.

Am I glad I did it?  Yes.  Heres why:

-I was fully entertained on the flight.

-There is still something super exciting about seeing good photos “in the flesh” and not the back of your camera.

-Had the weather been even worse, I would have been happy as a clam with my little kit.

-Now that I’m home I find myself grabbing the kit if I’m headed outside to relax.

-I think I remembered more of my trip since I was consciously trying to fill my album with little bits.  It wasn’t a “chore” for me, I just knew it would be fun to remember the little things from milestone event like a honeymoon.

-I have learned that I get more creative if I limit my supplies…flying away from home with nothing other than what you brought is the perfect opportunity.

I think I would definitely do this again.  Keep in mind I knew this was going to be a lazy trip and I don’t have any kids or anything, so it was more to keep me busy (see above statement about me being a perpetual child).  I’m still going to do 12×12 scrapbook pages, they just won’t contain a fraction of the detail that will be smushed into this book.

If anyone is interested, I will post what the inside looks like (if I ever get it done lol).  So far, it is a huge colorful mess, and thats just the way I intended.


Scrapping the Oldies but Goodies…

21 Apr

I came across a few layouts a couple weeks ago when I finally decided to put layouts into albums (5 years worth to be exact based on the dates on the pages).  They are awesome old photos that I have gotten around to copying.  All of the photos from my childhood are stuck in albums (quite literally) and almost none of them have been made into digital copies.  The few that I do have, I scrapped right away and here are two of my favorites:

Please, somebody!  Guess what decade I was born in!  (Hint: it wasn’t the 70’s and it wasn’t the 90’s…)

I love this photo for its obvious awesome wardrobe, but also its “awkward family photo” qualities.  Dad and I look like total dorks!  I asked mom about this and she stated matter-of-factly, “Well, I’m guessing that none of them looked perfect, so I chose the one where at least I looked good.”  Way to go, mom.  😉

There is another layout using a photo from the same session aptly titled:  a Hairy Situation, in honor of Dad’s over-abundance of facial hair.  Ha!

Here is a 90’s special:

This layout brings back such fond memories!  (Or maybe not-so-fond.)  This was the RV that our extended-family all took turns borrowing for camping trips.  There was ALWAYS something wrong with this thing!  The best might have been when the horn got stuck on the highway.  I don’t know what was wrong with it in this particular photo, but I do remember sitting in the parking lot, reading books while my sister rode her bike.  Oh well, it was better than tent-camping!

I have to go to Mom’s to round up some kid-pics for a wedding project, so maybe I’ll have some more retro-scrapbooking material.  🙂


Bucket List: Vellum Photos

21 Apr

I printed many, I have used few.  I went a little crazy, gathered all of the random vellum sheets I could find, and printed my most recent favorites on the trusty little HP Photosmart.  This is the first completed project:

“I Pincess!”

My niece-in-law (if thats a term?) does this funny thing where she closes her eyes whenever a camera is present.  She’s happy to have her picture taken though, this is just what she thinks she is supposed to do when someone says “say cheese”.  Its princess minus the “r” because thats what toddler Hope yells every time there is prettiness, Disney princesses, jewelry, or dresses in sight.  The whole “vellum photo” thing didn’t work exactly as planned on this project.  It softens the photo, makes it a little more muted, but I still want it to scream “I’m vellum!  You can see through me!!!”  Mission:  Not Accomplished.  And in case you were wondering, that is glitter-infused vellum, it is not dirty.

The good news is that some of this is extremely old product-I’m using stuff!!!

Better luck next time…



Lawnscaping Challenge: Coloring

4 Apr

I didn’t try anything very exciting or innovative with this challenge, just plain ol’ coloring.  I did use Copics, but I didn’t do too much

shading.  The bigger challenge for me this time around was building a scene with my collection of Lawn Fawns.  I used 7 (count ’em, SEVEN) stamp sets to build this card.

Copics: N0; BV0000; R20; YR31; B00; B02; BG11; G21

Lawn Fawns: Quinn’s ABCs; “bunny trail” = bee trail from Gnome Sweet Gnome; “bushes” = clouds from Bon Voyage; “Easter bunny” = Winter Bunny; tree-Critters in the Forest; egg patterns, Chevron Backdrops; eggs, Critters on the Farm.

Check out the rest of the challenge participants here!


Up Nort Scrapping

28 Mar

I promise I will get back to the bucket list but in the meantime I wanted to share what I created over the weekend.  Mom and I made our way over to Chippewa Falls to have a crafty weekend and visit friends.  One of them organizes the Falls Stampede Expo hosted by P.E.O. (check it out if you’re in the area!) to raise money for scholarships for women.  Its a fun day and you’re supporting the cause with your purchases!  Win win!  Anyway, This is what it looks like when a bunch of wonderfully crafty women get together:

In case you were wondering, yes-cell phones and diet pepsi are imperative to the creative process.

First, I had to test out my new Lawn Fawn sets:  (Flying By and Gnome Sweet Gnome)

I have to credit this card to Teri who is one of my very favorite inspirations right now.  Check out the original here.

I found the row of hearts over the weekend-aren’t they darling?  It was created by the fun people at one of my favorite local companies, Endless Creations.

Once I was done coloring Lawn Fawns, I busted out some borrowed stamps:

And we played with scraps…

I know what you’re thinking-“Did it really take you all weekend to make those?”  Yes, yes it did.  I get bored if I am making repeats in a highly creative environment…


Spring Cleaning

22 Mar

Okay, so maybe its not so much spring cleaning as it is finding a home for new collections and revamping the things I’m reaching for more often.

I tend to be a bit of a bag lady (so says the man of the house)…

In my quest to “use my stuff” more than I currently do, I put together these bits in pretty dishes so that I reach for them more often:

The “journaling cards” are sitting pretty in a cheeky recipe box, and most of the misc. die-cuts are hanging out in those awesome dishes (pans? pots?) I found at the thrift store.  What you can’t see from this angle is that they are the EXACT color of my walls.  (So of course that meant they had to come home to my “kitschen”.)

Happy crafting!  Rearrange to make better use of supplies!


bucket list: Mixing Patterns

20 Mar

I’m not going to lie, I feel like I wimped out on this one so I might tackle this again.  When I say “mixing patterns”, I really mean “MIXING PATTERNS”.  I’m talking about bold, colorful, crazy patterns where, for a fleeting moment, you’re not really sure if they go together, but you think, “someone put them together, so it must work, right?”  And the more you look at it, you realize you really love what they did.  Let me show you some beautiful examples I’ve collected:

“Girl Time” by Nicole Samuels

“I am so blessed” by Melissa Mann

this layout by Nayda Rocha

this gem of a card by Maureen

both of these cards made by Teri

Now, I know there are “rules” to make this technique more doable and pleasing to the eye, but I haven’t taken the time to try it before today.  Here are both of my very own examples:

This is a mix of October Afternoon, Cosmo Cricket, Dear Lizzy, and Lawn Fawn.  I call it “Shabby Chic on the Farm” style.  <–totally pulled that out of my you-know-where.

The card was just so I could dip my toe in the water.  I’ve learned that the reason I like cards is that the pressure is off.  You send it to someone, and chances are, they throw it away.  (Perfectly fine by me, as long as they appreciated the sentiment.)  With a layout, the pressure is on to make it something awesome because chances are its not going away unless you lose it.  (This is a silly idea that I’m trying to leave behind…I think I need therapy.)  I did sort of “cheat” and use coordinating papers from the same line, but I also added a napkin.  A napkin, people.  (<–using my “garbage”)

This uses mostly Heidi Swapp’s new collection “Sugar Chic” but also some Dear Lizzy.  Another side note: I actually used one of the awesome make-n-takes I’ve collected from Archivers!  The fun little flip-book that houses the pictures is what I made in-store last week.  It happened to be perfect because I included the photos in order of my birthday candles being blown out (by me and my uber-adorable cousins).

Happy Belated Birthday to me!  And yay for using my stuff that usually just sits around looking pretty!!!


Product info here.



the “bucket list” scrapbooking style: spring 2012

18 Mar

I really shouldn’t call it a bucket list.  Its not that monumental.  But, since so many are familiar with the premise of the bucket list, it will remain, “the bucket list” until I come up with something more suitable.  This list was born of my lack of creating lately.  Every day I sit at the computer for hours (literally) and think about scrapbooking, look at ideas for scrapbooking, even reading/joining discussions about, you guessed it, scrapbooking.  Sound familiar, anyone?  Anyone at all?  Today that all ended when I FINALLY went to the room where all the magic happens…the kitschen.  (I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I actually had to look at Pinterest one last time before I dove into my room.  I really don’t know what that was about.)

As you could imagine, while soaking up oodles of inspiration is a good thing, it can clog your brain a little (or a lotta) bit.  I happen to be one who is completely overwhelmed by choice.  Where do I start?  What fancy paper should I cut up?  (And just so we’re clear, to me, to “cut up” a sheet of paper feels like killing it.  Yes, I know its an inanimate object, but I’m giving you a peek into my unhealthy relationship with paper and why I have so much of it.)  To remedy the situation, today I came up with “the bucket list”.  I’m sure this list will evolve, or, maybe I’ll never do it again, who knows?  I happen to love lists so I started jotting down the techniques/trends/whatever that I most wanted to try.  And yes, I will be drawing a big fat check mark after I finish each one.

Here’s the list:

Just in case you were wondering, yes, my lists always look this ridiculous.  I use exclamation points and smiley faces and descriptions to remember what I need to remember.  I don’t know if its a skill or just weird, but it works.  Someday an anthropologist (or whatever the correct title is) will find my lists and know everything about me.

I’m hoping that between the list and the blog, there will be some consistency in my creating and blogging.  (Yes, I know I should be working on wedding stuff, but I can’t neglect the kitschen, or my mental health.)

Today I tackled “Use my garbage!”.  I wrote this down because I’ve become extremely good at collecting “garbage” as Adam calls it, with the intention of doing something creative with it, someday.  (“Someday” being, well, who knows?)  The garbage could be anything from envelopes with cool security marks on the inside to some kind of propaganda from Target, to clothing tags.  I keep it as long as I can think of a couple things I could do with it.  I don’t know if this came from the whole “repurpose”, “who can make the coolest stuff out of the weirdest crap” movement or seeing everyone’s Project Life collecting all of those random day-to-day things.  Either way, I like it.  Adam does not.  Therefore, I have to constantly make sure the garbage makes its way into the kitschen for fear it will be thrown out.  Every time I salvage something, Adam claims, “I can see my future, and it looks like a scene from Hoarders.”  SO I decided I better start using my garbage or I will have some ‘splainin to do.

This is one of the happiest layouts I have made in a long time.  You see, roughly %65 of the reason I scrapbook is for its therapeutic qualities, not memory keeping, so when I make a page about something that makes me smile, AND I get to creatively make use of my garbage (here being a piece of bubble-mailer and a business card), its a good day.  All of that being said, I don’t really care how ridiculous the content is, as long as I had fun.

This layout is about my latest obsession: Lawn Fawn.  I love their stamps, but what I love even more is their customer service.  Who else includes little touches like a handwritten greeting???  No one.  Thats who.  🙂  I really just can’t get over it-its such a small gesture, but its all about the detail for me so I shouldn’t be surprised.  Two Peas does the same thing, including bonus product in your orders.  Its so sweet!  Other businesses, take note.  I used various Lawn Fawn critters and things to make the background at the top of the page in Chestnut Roan Colorbox chalk ink, paper & miscellany from October Afternoon, a red Copic marker, Tim Holtz’s Tiny Attacher, and Old Paper Distress Ink.

Get out there and use your garbage!


Product info here.