Somewhere in between working, being a cat lady, and planning a wedding, I use photos and paper to make pretty things.  Then I blog about it.

image by Rachel Buckley rbuckleyphotography.com

I started scrapbooking during my last couple years of high school.  Since then, I’ve become really good at buying supplies, and once in a while I actually use them.  🙂  During college and the few years following I moved a lot.  I have scrapped out of every space imaginable including:  an unfinished laundry room, my cousin’s basement, a dresser, a closet, an apartment dining room, and a bag.  I think because of all the small spaces cramping my style, I got into making cards along the way.  I never stopped making actual scrapbook layouts, but it took way too much effort to dig out supplies.  Now I’m at a point where I am done (better be done) moving for a while, my fiance has recently completed my dream scrap room, and I am ready to go.

This leads me to explain my scrap room/blog name.  It all started with a table.

the table

Last fall (2010) when fiance and I were driving to everyone’s favorite pumpkin patch/farm, aptly named “The Little Farmer” (without any kids in tow, mind you, because we’re cool like that and we do kiddish things), I spotted this beauty on the side of the highway with a giant plywood sign propped against it reading “FREE”.  I geeked out a little, but we kept driving.  I didn’t ask fiance to stop immediately because I knew I had no room for this thing in my one-bedroom apartment.  Fiance and I were not “fiance and I” yet and I didn’t know what I would do with it.  I made a decision to bat my eyes and shamelessly beg to keep said FREE table in fiance’s basement.

Long story short, it worked!  That retro beauty with its chrome detail, pedestal base, red trim and gray swirly pattern was all mine.

The creative part of my brain started working.  Hard.  I had recently purchased the “Modern Homemaker” collection for no apparent reason other than it was so “me”.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I loved it.  I think I was born in the wrong era because everything about that line makes me incredibly happy-either that or its just because it reminds me of both my grandmas’ kitchens.  Fast forward a bit, I am moved into fiance’s house, and once he noticed the greater portion of the living room full of boxes (and bags and piles and totes and more piles) of things labeled “scrapbooking” he decided I needed a scrap room, asap.  I immediately ran wild with ideas based off of my table (I’m a sucker for a theme, you know).

By now you have realized this website has almost nothing to do with cooking, and this is why.  I decided that my scrap room would be retro kitchen-themed.  A “kraft kitschen” if you will.  Yes, I know “kitschen” is the incorrect spelling, and thats because I am a big fan of all things “kitschy” so I ran with it.  It all makes perfect sense to me.  You make things in a kitchen, you make things in the scrap room.  You follow recipes in the kitchen, or you can just wing it, in the kitchen, you follow recipes (sketches) in the scrap room (or you can just wing it).  There are plenty of utensils in the kitchen, there are even more tools in the scrap room.  I could go on for days, people.  Of course, this whole retro-kitchen obsession could also be attributed to the fact that 90% of my fondest childhood memories originated in my grandmas’ kitchens.  Either way…

Welcome!  I hope you enjoy the random goodness I will share in my blog!


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