Up Nort Scrapping

28 Mar

I promise I will get back to the bucket list but in the meantime I wanted to share what I created over the weekend.  Mom and I made our way over to Chippewa Falls to have a crafty weekend and visit friends.  One of them organizes the Falls Stampede Expo hosted by P.E.O. (check it out if you’re in the area!) to raise money for scholarships for women.  Its a fun day and you’re supporting the cause with your purchases!  Win win!  Anyway, This is what it looks like when a bunch of wonderfully crafty women get together:

In case you were wondering, yes-cell phones and diet pepsi are imperative to the creative process.

First, I had to test out my new Lawn Fawn sets:  (Flying By and Gnome Sweet Gnome)

I have to credit this card to Teri who is one of my very favorite inspirations right now.  Check out the original here.

I found the row of hearts over the weekend-aren’t they darling?  It was created by the fun people at one of my favorite local companies, Endless Creations.

Once I was done coloring Lawn Fawns, I busted out some borrowed stamps:

And we played with scraps…

I know what you’re thinking-“Did it really take you all weekend to make those?”  Yes, yes it did.  I get bored if I am making repeats in a highly creative environment…



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