the “bucket list” scrapbooking style: spring 2012

18 Mar

I really shouldn’t call it a bucket list.  Its not that monumental.  But, since so many are familiar with the premise of the bucket list, it will remain, “the bucket list” until I come up with something more suitable.  This list was born of my lack of creating lately.  Every day I sit at the computer for hours (literally) and think about scrapbooking, look at ideas for scrapbooking, even reading/joining discussions about, you guessed it, scrapbooking.  Sound familiar, anyone?  Anyone at all?  Today that all ended when I FINALLY went to the room where all the magic happens…the kitschen.  (I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I actually had to look at Pinterest one last time before I dove into my room.  I really don’t know what that was about.)

As you could imagine, while soaking up oodles of inspiration is a good thing, it can clog your brain a little (or a lotta) bit.  I happen to be one who is completely overwhelmed by choice.  Where do I start?  What fancy paper should I cut up?  (And just so we’re clear, to me, to “cut up” a sheet of paper feels like killing it.  Yes, I know its an inanimate object, but I’m giving you a peek into my unhealthy relationship with paper and why I have so much of it.)  To remedy the situation, today I came up with “the bucket list”.  I’m sure this list will evolve, or, maybe I’ll never do it again, who knows?  I happen to love lists so I started jotting down the techniques/trends/whatever that I most wanted to try.  And yes, I will be drawing a big fat check mark after I finish each one.

Here’s the list:

Just in case you were wondering, yes, my lists always look this ridiculous.  I use exclamation points and smiley faces and descriptions to remember what I need to remember.  I don’t know if its a skill or just weird, but it works.  Someday an anthropologist (or whatever the correct title is) will find my lists and know everything about me.

I’m hoping that between the list and the blog, there will be some consistency in my creating and blogging.  (Yes, I know I should be working on wedding stuff, but I can’t neglect the kitschen, or my mental health.)

Today I tackled “Use my garbage!”.  I wrote this down because I’ve become extremely good at collecting “garbage” as Adam calls it, with the intention of doing something creative with it, someday.  (“Someday” being, well, who knows?)  The garbage could be anything from envelopes with cool security marks on the inside to some kind of propaganda from Target, to clothing tags.  I keep it as long as I can think of a couple things I could do with it.  I don’t know if this came from the whole “repurpose”, “who can make the coolest stuff out of the weirdest crap” movement or seeing everyone’s Project Life collecting all of those random day-to-day things.  Either way, I like it.  Adam does not.  Therefore, I have to constantly make sure the garbage makes its way into the kitschen for fear it will be thrown out.  Every time I salvage something, Adam claims, “I can see my future, and it looks like a scene from Hoarders.”  SO I decided I better start using my garbage or I will have some ‘splainin to do.

This is one of the happiest layouts I have made in a long time.  You see, roughly %65 of the reason I scrapbook is for its therapeutic qualities, not memory keeping, so when I make a page about something that makes me smile, AND I get to creatively make use of my garbage (here being a piece of bubble-mailer and a business card), its a good day.  All of that being said, I don’t really care how ridiculous the content is, as long as I had fun.

This layout is about my latest obsession: Lawn Fawn.  I love their stamps, but what I love even more is their customer service.  Who else includes little touches like a handwritten greeting???  No one.  Thats who.  🙂  I really just can’t get over it-its such a small gesture, but its all about the detail for me so I shouldn’t be surprised.  Two Peas does the same thing, including bonus product in your orders.  Its so sweet!  Other businesses, take note.  I used various Lawn Fawn critters and things to make the background at the top of the page in Chestnut Roan Colorbox chalk ink, paper & miscellany from October Afternoon, a red Copic marker, Tim Holtz’s Tiny Attacher, and Old Paper Distress Ink.

Get out there and use your garbage!


Product info here.


One Response to “the “bucket list” scrapbooking style: spring 2012”

  1. Amy R March 18, 2012 at 11:45 pm #

    I LOVE your layout. So cute! I also love your “bucket list.”

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