Tapes on a Plane…

4 Jul

I couldn’t help myself, I had to put together a minibook kit for my honeymoon.  Never mind that I don’t like minibooks (I have storage issues) and I’m a procrastinator and I had just finished planning/executing a wedding when I put this all together…

Surprisingly, I did everything ahead of time in order to bring the least amount of supplies (no-brainer).  That part worked out well.  I just didn’t do it far enough ahead of time to make it non-stressful.  Here is what it contained:

I used an Amy Tangerine Daybook, and I can’t say enough good things about it.  Its random, its fun, its colorful, and its the perfect size.  One of the things I did ahead was get out my Lawn Fawn stamps to customize it a little bit.  I stamped lovey sentiments, anything camera/photo-related, anything that could be Florida-related like the flamingo from Gnome Sweet Gnome, and I used Quinn’s ABCs to stamp “Florida” in the book, one letter per page.  I’m telling you, the random-ness of the book really inspired me to stuff it full of everything.  I wanted it to be like my old-school scrapbooks that I had in middle school that were plastered with certificates and ticket stubs.

The rest of the prep was packing little bits and making everything portable.  I can’t scrap without punches, so to compromise I punched the edges of papers I had pulled, punched shapes, and packed everything in little glassine bags (conveniently left over from the giant wholesale box I had purchased for the wedding).  I threw in sequins, twine, feathers (?I never use feathers, but Elizabeth Kartchner was one of my kit inspirations so I ran with it? She is the master of creative homemade kits.), Studio Calico wood veneer, and tapes.  I threw in my Dear Lizzy date stamper and ONE ink pad.  Let me tell you, the decision alone about which color to choose took me a half hour.

*Sidenote: even if you don’t plan on ever scrapbooking while on a trip, I suggest journaling cards (in particular, the Smash cards).  I carried around the little pad in my purse and if we had a long wait somewhere or I was bored at the beach, I could scribble things down.  It was a good way to document and to trick myself into thinking I was actually scrapbooking.

I packed colored pencils as well to color in the Lawn Fawn images if I felt like it…because I will forever be a 5 year old who loves to color.  And I’m not ashamed of it (my husband might be, but thats another story.)

What I’m sure you’re all dying to know is whether or not I actually scrapped on my trip…and here is what happened:

-I scrapped on the plane heading to my destination.  (We’re talking full-out scrapping my boarding pass and coloring airplanes while on an airplane with my flip-down tray.  I loved it.  Husband was not impressed.  Ask me if I care.)

-I staked out all the nearest Targets with 1-hour photo processing (they’re the best for printing straight from a cell phone).

-I made 3 trips to print mini photos (hey, come on we had to get groceries and other “legit” things too…)

-I spent one night in front of the tv on a crappy weather evening cutting down the retail tags, tickets, and packaging that I salvaged.

-Then we went home.

Am I glad I did it?  Yes.  Heres why:

-I was fully entertained on the flight.

-There is still something super exciting about seeing good photos “in the flesh” and not the back of your camera.

-Had the weather been even worse, I would have been happy as a clam with my little kit.

-Now that I’m home I find myself grabbing the kit if I’m headed outside to relax.

-I think I remembered more of my trip since I was consciously trying to fill my album with little bits.  It wasn’t a “chore” for me, I just knew it would be fun to remember the little things from milestone event like a honeymoon.

-I have learned that I get more creative if I limit my supplies…flying away from home with nothing other than what you brought is the perfect opportunity.

I think I would definitely do this again.  Keep in mind I knew this was going to be a lazy trip and I don’t have any kids or anything, so it was more to keep me busy (see above statement about me being a perpetual child).  I’m still going to do 12×12 scrapbook pages, they just won’t contain a fraction of the detail that will be smushed into this book.

If anyone is interested, I will post what the inside looks like (if I ever get it done lol).  So far, it is a huge colorful mess, and thats just the way I intended.



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