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Scrapping the Oldies but Goodies…

21 Apr

I came across a few layouts a couple weeks ago when I finally decided to put layouts into albums (5 years worth to be exact based on the dates on the pages).  They are awesome old photos that I have gotten around to copying.  All of the photos from my childhood are stuck in albums (quite literally) and almost none of them have been made into digital copies.  The few that I do have, I scrapped right away and here are two of my favorites:

Please, somebody!  Guess what decade I was born in!  (Hint: it wasn’t the 70’s and it wasn’t the 90’s…)

I love this photo for its obvious awesome wardrobe, but also its “awkward family photo” qualities.  Dad and I look like total dorks!  I asked mom about this and she stated matter-of-factly, “Well, I’m guessing that none of them looked perfect, so I chose the one where at least I looked good.”  Way to go, mom.  😉

There is another layout using a photo from the same session aptly titled:  a Hairy Situation, in honor of Dad’s over-abundance of facial hair.  Ha!

Here is a 90’s special:

This layout brings back such fond memories!  (Or maybe not-so-fond.)  This was the RV that our extended-family all took turns borrowing for camping trips.  There was ALWAYS something wrong with this thing!  The best might have been when the horn got stuck on the highway.  I don’t know what was wrong with it in this particular photo, but I do remember sitting in the parking lot, reading books while my sister rode her bike.  Oh well, it was better than tent-camping!

I have to go to Mom’s to round up some kid-pics for a wedding project, so maybe I’ll have some more retro-scrapbooking material.  🙂