Bucket List: Vellum Photos

21 Apr

I printed many, I have used few.  I went a little crazy, gathered all of the random vellum sheets I could find, and printed my most recent favorites on the trusty little HP Photosmart.  This is the first completed project:

“I Pincess!”

My niece-in-law (if thats a term?) does this funny thing where she closes her eyes whenever a camera is present.  She’s happy to have her picture taken though, this is just what she thinks she is supposed to do when someone says “say cheese”.  Its princess minus the “r” because thats what toddler Hope yells every time there is prettiness, Disney princesses, jewelry, or dresses in sight.  The whole “vellum photo” thing didn’t work exactly as planned on this project.  It softens the photo, makes it a little more muted, but I still want it to scream “I’m vellum!  You can see through me!!!”  Mission:  Not Accomplished.  And in case you were wondering, that is glitter-infused vellum, it is not dirty.

The good news is that some of this is extremely old product-I’m using stuff!!!

Better luck next time…




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