Aidy’s First Movie

16 Nov

I confess…I took these photos because I knew I had oodles of Cars product at home.  I bought it all before a Disney trip, thinking I would use tons of it.  Alas, we have exactly 2 photos involving Cars.  Now I’m “stuck” with it.  But I really like it!  I just don’t know how to use it.  I know, I know, I could use it on anything involving the boys, really.  I digress.  Enough with the word diarrhea.  (That was just a tiny glimpse into my thought process lol)

I really did take these knowing I would use this product.  We’ve all done it, will you just admit it?  Either way, we really did have fun.  If nothing else its a way to document the madness that ensues when you take Wheelers to a movie 🙂  (I say that with love, Amy)

I’ve been watching a lot of Shimelle videos-I love her no holds barred attitude.  There are no restrictions on that girl and that is a wonderful, wonderful thing!  Thanks Shimelle!  You are inspiring!  She does a lot with mixing different page sizes, pockets, and other do-it-yourself page elements that really let you add more to your layouts.

I’ve also been watching many Washi tape tutorials (mostly because I don’t get it) and thought I would give that a try.

All of the above resulted in the “flip book” (?) on the left side of the layout:

Why are there so many photos of the kids giving “two thumbs up”?  Because Aiden kept trying really hard to figure it out.  🙂  I ❤ my cousins.

Product info here. Patterned paper-Stampin Up!, tape-Smash!  I really need to figure out Inlinkz one of these days…



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