Fun Finds & Naughty Cats

25 Sep

Its been an eventful cat weekend.  I just want to say up front that I had two cats.  Two cats are perfect.  They are there for each other, but there are still only two to deal with, feed, etc.  Fast forward a couple of years and an engagement ring and now I have four cats.  Four cats is past my limit.  I love them, but still.  I’m sure right about now the people with toddlers are rolling their eyes or laughing, but let me just say I sometimes invite the toddlers over to occupy the cats and wear them out.  🙂

Friday night we had family over and had taco/nacho bar for dinner.  We cleaned up before we left, but decided to leave the crockpots out in case we wanted more when we returned from Oktoberfest.  I specifically remember thinking I should hide the cheese, but alas, I didn’t.  This is what we returned home to find:

This cat is insane.  He is the reason our garbage is under the sink inside a baby-proofed cabinet.  He is the reason we can’t leave dirty dishes in the sink for even a minute.  He is also part of the reason why our animals can’t be on a grazing feeding schedule.  (Before someone accuses me of singling out Milo, I should mention that the reason the cabinet is baby-proofed is because “my” cats know how to open cabinet doors…and proceeded to do so for their new comrade.)  I can’t imagine how he felt after emptying the whole thing.  He didn’t even touch his food that night (SHOCKING considering the lengths he goes to to find food).

The next day, we noticed one of them trying to grab at something underneath a recliner.  After a while I lifted up the chair to get the toys out that I assumed were underneath.  There were, in fact, toys underneath, but Adam happened to notice something move.  After closer inspection, we found this:

Ol’ cheese-face hiding in the “undercarriage” (??) of the recliner.  We coaxed him out, but he kept going back so who knows.  At least now we will know where to look for him I guess…

In other news, I discovered a new (new-to-me) thrift store dangerously close to my house and found a few goodies…

That yellow is the exact yellow of my aqua/red/yellow scheme.  And…

I don’t know what I’m more excited about:  the awesome colors of the twill, the amazing packaging (the real deal), or the fact that they were 5 cents each.  5 CENTS???  It’s the little things in life, people.

Its back to the kitschen for me!




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