More Scraps

14 Sep

I’m seeing a pattern here…overlapping scraps on kraft cardstock.  Did I find “my thing”?  Time will tell.  I have been reading a lot of Shimelle lately-her style must be rubbing off on me 🙂

Remember a couple posts back I mentioned wanting to use more letter stickers?  Well, here it is.  I spend a lot of time in crafty blog-world, soaking up everyone’s creativity, and I’ve noticed that I really love titles.  Except I usually don’t have one.  I’m making it a point to include more.  I also really love when people mix fonts-it tends to be a little more pleasing to my eye.

If you look closely (well, maybe I shouldn’t mention this lol) you’ll see I was short an “e”.  Sometimes you just have no choice but to get creative with these leftover letter-sticker pages that look like a mouth with missing teeth.


ps I had to include “the year we were engaged” in the lovey-dovey scalloped heart because I’m thinking when I’m showing my great-grandkids my scrapbooks I will have no idea what year I was engaged 😉


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