Bustin’ Out the Coveted October Afternoon

14 Sep

We’ve all been there.  We all have that favorite brand, collection, or sticker that we just can’t bear to use because we’re waiting for the “perfect project”.  I do this TOO MUCH and I made a vow at the beginning of the summer (after I really saw the sizable amount of scrap supplies I’ve acquired over the years) that I would use it.  I bought it because I love it, I MUST use it!  When I put together a scrap kit for our week up north, I was packing last minute (imagine that, Betsy not prepared…) and I decided to throw in some October Afternoon collection kits.  I swear to everyone reading this, I love these kits so much I take them out just to look at them.  (<–weirdo)  It turns out that was the perfect opportunity to get over it.  I was “stuck” with only these kits to use, so I had to.  All of the photos I choose to scrap are special to me (I know this because I don’t scrap chronologically, I only scrap what I “feel” like scrapping otherwise I’m just not into it and it ends up looking like garbage) so why wouldn’t I use my favorite product?  Enough with the therapy session, on to the evidence.

The first layout documents my fiance’s record collection.  He started it a long time ago, but when his uncle passed away, he inherited one of his most cherished installments of that collection.  He still claims they are the best form of music…I swear he would play records in the car if he could.

Photos don’t do the glittery embossed records justice-I made them on a trip to visit my Mom’s crafty friends.  Hi Ida & co!

The other layout I created was a perfect match for the collection I used.  I made my first visit to a “vintage” shop (<–I still don’t know the difference between that and second-hand) and found tons of treasures with my Gma.

I love how these turned out, and I enjoy layouts more than cards, but I have to say out loud that they really stress me out sometimes!  (ha ha maybe its just because I had to cut some of my favorite paper!)



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