Halloween Jumpstart

6 Sep

Halloween is officially on its way!  We returned from vacation to find fallen leaves in the backyard.  I can hear a lot of you moaning and groaning, but I can’t wait!!!!!!  Fall is my favorite, if you hadn’t noticed.

I keep buying all of this Halloween product, I thought I should probably put it to good use.  Here are a handful of the cards I made on vacation!

Simple.  Simple.  Simple.  It pains me to stop here, but I have noticed that people seem to gravitate towards the simple ones.  I do too, but its so much more fun to add collage-type piles to my projects!

Its sort of hard to tell by this photo, but there is actually a circle punch out of the middle, and the ghost is embossed on the inside of the card.  The “Boo!”s are clear-embossed.  A word to the wise:  don’t attempt all of this embossing with the windows open when there is a strong breeze coming thru.  My brain doesn’t work on vacation, what can I say?

Next up, Lawn Fawn, meet Stampin’ Up!  Stampin’ Up!, meet Lawn Fawn.  I couldn’t help but add a little Diamond Glaze to the witch’s warts and some Stickles to her hat.

I love mini!!!  I don’t know how practical these are, but they sure are fun!  Lots of fussy cutting.  When I’m in the right mood, I could fussy-cut all day, which is strange considering my lack of patience in general.

This is exactly what I had in mind when I purchased my latest “bag-o-die-cuts” from K & Co (?)  The whole collection was fun, but for some reason I gravitated toward these candy corns.

And there you have it, the Halloween 2011 pile so far.

More to come!



One Response to “Halloween Jumpstart”

  1. Kristen September 6, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Super cute! I also love fall (and halloween!). And this weather is PERFECT! I’m with you!

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