10 Things on the…12th?

12 Aug

So I’m a bit behind…story of my life.  Welcome.

Seeing as I do better in the midst of chaos with a list to keep me on track, I’ve decided to make a list of the goals I have for this month.  They’re not life-changing or lofty goals, but they’re goals all the same. 

In no particular order:

1. Start working on a mini of the roadtrip I took with Gma a month ago.  (One for each of us??)

2. Take notes for myself about wedding “stuff” while preparing for my friend’s wedding that will be in October.

3. Make a pile of fall-themed cards before fall gets here.

4. Enjoy my week at the cottage.  (9 days and counting…)

5. Look forward to my schedule changing!!!!  (no more straight 2nd shift!)

6. Use more of my scrap stash…maybe I’ll need to hop on board with the “counterfit kit” group.

7. Do something, anything with the contents of the 3 stuffed orange envelopes from Shutterfly that the UPS-man kindly delivered a couple weeks ago.

8. Have some classic Wisconsin Friday night fish (my schedule hasn’t allowed this all summer).

9. Think about getting my bridesmaid dress altered?

10. Finish up my “Week In the Life” project.

And there you have it.  Maybe next month my list will be 10 Things:  the Things I Didn’t Get Done.  😛



One Response to “10 Things on the…12th?”

  1. Kristen August 12, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    Let me know if you need help with any of those goals! I also have some orange envelopes to work on!

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